Who we are, and what we represent?

Radio Fuego Latino, is a 24/7 days a week music radio network, which broadcast Music and Talk shows across the Wold Wide Web.

The basis of Radio Fuego Latino is to promote as provide high quality entertainment to a diverse and sophisticated audience which consists of “Cosmopolitan listeners throughout London and around the world

Music Policy

The station “Music Policy” and identity are based primarily upon the concept of Latino Music and their different rhythms.

Each week Fuego Latino Radio presence is rapidly expanding, driven in part by the exciting, and infectious music content which is attracting ever increasing numbers of new listeners from various walks of life not only Spanish speaking audience.


Nuestro Concepto Musical

Identificados plenamente con el concepto de música latina en sus diferentes ritmos y variantes, cautivamos con nuestros diferentes shows y Djs en vivo a la numerosa audiencia no solo de habla hispana ya que con nuestro calor y originalidad cautivamos esos oídos e idiomas diferentes.





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