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Open Your Ears to Latin Music

Listening to Latin Music is a whole body experience. With a complicated rhythm that makes your body want to dance, a rainbow of beautiful traditional instruments, and a rich history that envelopes half the globe, Latin music encompasses all that is vibrant and alive.

The sensual rhythms of the rumba, the dizzyingly fast Dominican merengue, and the world-famous salsa dance have all influenced contemporary music, making significant impacts on pop, jazz, and hip hop.


A Global History

The term “Latin Music” typically refers to a wide gamut of musical styles that originated in Portuguese and Spanish-speaking areas of North and South America and West Africa. Though you may typically think of music from South and Central America like salsa, merengue, samba, and bossa nova, traditional Latin roots styles have sprung up in many areas of the United States, and today Latin music can be heard on every continent.

Each region has its own popular traditional musical style. For example, the fast-paced merengue originated in the Dominican Republic before traveling to the rest of the Americas, and eventually the world. Argentina’s tango was highly influenced by European immigrants, and Brazil is the land of the samba, with roots found in the Congo and Angola. When you dance a Latin American dance, you are dancing its history.

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